Introductory and Follow Up Sessions
Guardian Angel sessions come from a higher place so the information you will receive will go right to your heart, addressing whatever issue, challenge, or opportunity that is arising in your life.  Our Guardian Angels tell us exactly what we need and can use right now.  They know who we are at a deep level.  Be prepared!  These sessions are powerful.  They will change the way you think of yourself and because of this, your life will begin to change.  

Each session, lasting around 45 minutes, will be conducted over the phone. Your Guardian Angels will give you the most powerful information you need at the time of the session. The wisdom they give us is not often what we expect, but it is powerful and cuts through the drama and confusion that we often create around issues that are important to us. During this session, you'll probably have time to ask questions of your Guardian Angel as well.  Each session will be recorded so that you can review the information.

Packages 4,8, and 12 Sessions
In each subsequent session, your Guardian Angels give you more guidance because you have the foundation upon which to build.  With each session, you understand more and can garner new information as you are more able to accept and understand it.  You can ask your Guardian Angel more questions as well and get specific on important issues.  Each session will be recorded so that you can review the information.

4-session package   = $500    (save $100)
8-session package   = $900    (save $300)
12-session package = $1,200 (save $600)
$ 79
If you have any questions about my services, please do not hesitate to contact me using the form to the right.  I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  I welcome questions!
Children's Readings
Readings for Children are told to parents or guardians and are focused on the special talents of their child, some of the challenges that he or she may face, and how to support them in developing their unique gifts.
These readings are 30 minutes. Each session will be recorded so that you can review the information.


$ 79
Business Consulting

My favorite sessions are business consulting.  We get to work on your purpose, your business' purpose, and how you're expressing yourself everyday.  When business is added to the conversation, there's a perfect opportunity for expressing one's purpose on a broad stage.  The positive results are often very obvious and gratifying to see!


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