Welcome and congratulations on starting your Guardian Angel Sessions
If you've purchased a session, I'll be in touch with you as soon as possible to get you scheduled for your session. In the meantime, please read the following information so that you can be as fully prepared as possible.

The Guardian Angels will most likely address with you the amazing abilities that you possess. This clear and pointed communication can take people aback. In our modern society, we speak and act informally and we do not often think in lofty terms. However, the Angels do. They peer into our hearts and see the majesty within. They express their appreciation and love for us in strong and precise language. This can make people feel awkward, as we are not used to being recognized and appreciated for how truly amazing we are.  

So remind yourself to stay present to what you’re being told and to let it in.

During your session, we’ll get started right away. Please don’t tell me anything about what you’re facing or about your life or circumstances. These things just cloud the messages that I receive. I’d much rather translate the messages from your Guardian Angel as clearly and cleanly as possible without any preconceived notions.  

I’ll start by “tuning in” to your Guardian Angels for just a moment and then, we’ll begin. I’ll ask several questions as we go along, to make sure that you understand the messages that I’m trying to convey. You can give some feedback at that time. After we’ve begun, I’ll most likely give you a chance to ask questions, provided that we have the time.  

With questions, remember that the Angels may not give you the exact answer that you want. They may give you a more insightful way to think in order to dissolve an issue entirely. This is always a more powerful way to approach the questions you ask, but it might not be the quick and easy “yes” or “no” answer you would have preferred.  

These sessions are not light. They are powerful and to get the most out of them, be prepared. You'll be getting in touch with aspects of yourself that you might rarely consider. Even if you're used to paying attention to and honoring your specific talents, your guardian angels will give you insight that moves you from where you are in your understanding to a higher level.  

When you take these jumps in consciousness, there is usually a bit of time needed to assimilate the new information. This is natural and healthy. When your awareness is expanded, you'll automatically begin to shed old patterns and to adopt new ways of thinking and acting that are more consistent with who you really are.  

So schedule your session at a time when you can spend some time letting the information sink in afterward. You won't ever need to force yourself to do any work. Having expanded your awareness of your own gifts and your true genius, you'll automatically do the work that you need to do. But giving yourself some time to let this information sink in will be helpful. Get some rest afterward and spend some quiet time alone in the days following your session. Don't try to force anything, just let the new understanding do its own work within you.

When I’ve contacted you about scheduling your session, I will ask that you send me a phone number and a back-up phone number where I can reach you for your session. I will be phoning you at your appointment time.

Your initial session will last no more than 45 minutes. I’ve found that 45 minutes is about the maximum that people can handle on their first time. More time just tends to tire people out and make them loopy.  I will record your session so that you may play it back at any time.  I recommend this for the information is in-depth and it's difficult to remember everything.

If you have any further questions, please send me an email in the form above.
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