“Mary is the most powerful guardian angel medium that I have ever encountered. Hands down. What I love most about Mary Beth’s readings is that they aren’t eerie or fear based. Her readings come from a place of love, abundance and hopefulness. She is very thorough and honest. Her readings always make you the winner of your life story and not a victim. She is very gentle with sharing information, and does so with patience and understanding. The best way to describe a session with Mary would be to explain it as if there was a clearing of fog because prior to speaking with her, things aren’t as clear, but she has a beautiful way of making your own life transparent. I would recommend Mary to everyone that is serious about taking charge of their lives and moving forward in the right direction. This woman is the truth.  - Claire K.

I never believed is this kind of thing until I had a session with Mary Beth. But what my Guardian Angels told her about me was information that no one could possibly know.  They told me about what I really wanted in life, what I'd always hoped that I could be, but doubted that I could ever do.  - John G

Mary Beth pinpointed for me incredibly personal thoughts and feelings that I always had ignored.  In sessions with her, I get clear about my purpose and how to express it.  Through her, my Guardian Angels told me how to live my purpose each day in a natural way.  People began to respond to me differently after that.  It was like I finally let people see the real me.  My business even started to take off. Amazing!  - Lisa W.

​I follow Mary Beth on Twitter and she gave me a reading and I could not believe how she could see right into my heart!  What a wonderful gift to have someone see the true me.  Because she saw me so clearly, I could see myself that clearly.  Her reading was an experience I'll never forget.  Spot On! - April V.

I take special care to be an incredibly clear messenger so that I can give you as deep and personal of an interpretation from your Guardian Angels as possible.  Each of you is unique with a wealth of specific information available to each of you.

But there are also common messages that I hear over and over.  These, I've added to my website for anyone to read.  Clients read these to give them more clarity and tools for expressing their true gifts.
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